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In an effort to be more transparent, we’d like to share all of the ways we're trying to make Salty Girl an environmentally responsible business:

Salty Girl jewelry boxes are made from recycled paper, or paper that is recyclable.

Mailers for web orders are made from 100% compostable materials and are reusable.

When packing web orders, we reuse recycled paper packing materials that were sent to us with jewelry supplies- we never buy more packing supplies, aside from tape (which will soon only be recycled and biodegradable).

Only biodegradable plastic baggies are used for sending individual jewelry pieces to wholesale accounts. These are usually just thrown away because store owners receive so many, so it's important to make sure they're earth friendly.

We recycle all of our scrap silver and gold to get credit with our main supplier, and they up cycle the scraps into new materials.

For jewelry making materials, we try our hardest to make sure as many of them as possible are responsibly sourced:

     - We buy mostly lab grown diamonds that don't have such a negative impact on the environment as mined diamonds do.

     - We only use shells that were found empty- never with any creature still living.

     - The beetle wings we buy are collected after they are eaten as food in Southeast Asia (where they are also commonly used for crafts).

     - We buy a lot of vintage coral necklaces and use the pieces from them in our jewelry so we're using coral that was harvested a long time ago before coral depletion was a problem.

We also donate jewelry to the Surfrider Foundation (Oahu Chapter) silent auction fundraiser every year to support the beach cleanups and many other efforts they continually make to protect the ocean and shorelines in Hawaii.

As nature lovers, we vow to keep trying to find new ways to lower the carbon footprint of Salty Girl, and consider this beautiful planet that inspires us so much!