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What’s So Special About Herkimer ‘Diamonds’?

Amber Chesebro

Posted on March 25 2023

What’s So Special About Herkimer ‘Diamonds’?

If you’ve ever heard the term Herkimer Diamond, you’ve probably wondered what they are and why they’re so popular. They are, in fact, double terminated (pointy at either end) quartz crystals, and are not diamonds at all. These beautiful clear stones were given this misnomer in the 18th century when they were discovered in Herkimer County, New York (although many people refer to all of these types of double terminated quartz crystals as Herkimer Diamonds, only stones that come from the mines in New York are truly Herkimer Diamonds). These unique crystals were referred to as ‘diamonds’ because like diamonds they are clear, sparkly, and faceted, but here are the main differences between Herkimer ‘Diamonds’ and real diamonds:
  • They are made up of different minerals. Diamonds are made of carbon, and Herkimer Diamonds are made of silicon dioxide.
  • Herkimer Diamond crystals have 18 sides, and raw diamond crystals only have 8 sides.

  • Diamonds are the hardest mineral on earth- a 10 on the MOHS scale of mineral hardness, and Herkimer Diamonds are a 7.5 (slightly harder than regular quartz).

  • Herkimer Diamonds are sourced above ground and real diamonds are mined miles below the earth's surface, so they are considered to be a more earth friendly option.

  • Herkimer Diamonds cost a lot less than traditional diamonds, making them a budget friendly diamond alternative.
Herkimer Diamonds are also said to promote clarity, energy, and creativity. They're also believed to amplify the energy of other stones around them. Whether you believe in the healing properties of these unique stones or not, their beauty can’t be denied! The minimalist design of our 14k Gold Claw Set Herkimer Diamond Earrings celebrates their unusual shape by letting the stones speak for themselves- they’re so stunning on their own, we think only the simplest design is necessary.
Some Herkimer Diamond crystals have tiny crystals growing out of them. We celebrate these oddballs too for those of you who embrace the stranger side of nature! These are available upon request.

14k gold herkimer diamond stud earrings with growth crystals

Hopefully this article has helped you understand what makes Herkimer Diamonds so special! 

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